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Consett Churches Detached Youth Project has a proven track record in developing issue based programmes and working alongside many other agencies in our area. So if we are unable to help with a particular problem we can refer the young person to one of these agencies. With other agencies often signposting young people to us for our support!

We offer a number of accreditations and support for young people to participate in and gain qualifications or awards in a variety of different areas.

The young people involved with Consett Churches Detached Youth Project over the last twelve month have worked towards the following:

Award Name Number of Awards Given
SEC Outcomes 9
Bronze Youth Achievement Awards  8
*Further Achievements and awards will be added in due course

SEC outcomes or Social and Emotional Capabilities assessment tool, shows the young people’s progression and enables them to build their confidence and highlight their ability in a number of different areas such as  creativity, arts and crafts, cooking, through to planning and problem solving, by costing and organizing their own activities. They also undertake Workshops such as Alcohol awareness; Citizenship which looks at things from fundraising to Anti-Social Behaviour; Equality and Diversity, which looks at Culture, Age and Race awareness.

Bronze Youth Achievement Awards are recognition of a young person’s achievement, and give the young people something back.

The Young People have also achieved the following with us:

Course Name Number of Awards Given
First Aid Heart Start 12
Start Yachting 10
Money and Me 4
Take up the Challenge Awards 11
Interview Techniques 6
*Further Achievements and awards will be added in due course
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